Heart failure is a potentially life-threatening condition that has a significant impact on public health and the NHS. This map shows how people and local health systems across England are affected by heart failure, drawing on available data.1

Nearly 1 million
people living with heart failure across the UK2
Nearly 1 million people living with heart failure across the UK2
Heart failure is the leading cause of hospital admissions in those over 655
Heart failure accounts for 2% of the entire NHS budget – over £2 billion a year3,4
A fifth of heart failure patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge6

1 Heart failure population data for 2018 has been sourced from Conrad et al. (2018). Hospital admissions, cost and comorbidities data has been sourced from Hospital Episode Statistics (2019/20) and the National Tariff Payment System (2019/20). Mortality data has been sourced from the NHS Digital CCG OutcomeIndicator Set (March 2020). Full reference details are available in the methodology.

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